About Us

We started off initially as an enterprise known as Clev Events with the core business of producing publicity material in the form of printed media for small businesses and also associations. Our forte is our ability to take up jobs which needed to be delivered within a short time frame.

Due to our ability to understand the nuances of the medical fraternity, we ventured into the business of working with the various medical associations and also companies in the healthcare industry.

Apart from the production of publicity material in the printed form, jobs have been undertaken in the design and building of booths for exhibition events. Arranging product launches to the medical fraternity is an additional feather in our cap.

Involvement in the organizing of seminars and symposiums for the medical fraternity has been one of our main activities. We are no strangers to the organizing of small private dinner seminars, nor to the task of arranging multiple day seminars or symposiums.

Managing public exhibitions in convention halls or other public places is what we also include as part of regular list of services offered.

Due to the nature and scope of our business, Clev Events has evolved into Cleve Concepts Sdn Bhd which was registered in November 2010.